Robots Builders Bonanza

Gordon McComb

1 Robot Experimenter  1
 The building block approach, Basic skills, The Mind of the robot EXperimenter, Follow the Yellow Brick Road

2 Anatomy of a Robot 5
 Self contained Vs Tethered, The body, Power Systems, Locomotion System, Arms and Hands, Sensory Devices, Output Devices, Smart Vs Dumb Robots

3 Tools and Supplies 14
 Construction Tools, Electronic tools, Volt Ohm meter, Logic Probe, Logic Pulser, Oscilloscope, Frequency Meter, wire Wrapping, Breadboard, Hardware Supplies, Extruded Aluminum, Angle Brakets, electronic Supplies and components, circuit boards, Setting Up Shop

4 Buying Parts 28
 Buying at Hardware Stores, Buying at Electronic Stores, Specialty Stores, Shopping the Surplus Store

5 Robots of Plastic 31
 Types of Plastics, How to Cut Plastic, How to Drill Plastic, How to Bend and form Plastic, How to Polish the Edges of Plastic, How to Glue Plastic, How to Paint Plastics, Buying Plastic, Build the Minibot 

6 Building a Basic Wooden Platform 40
 Choosing the Right Wood, The Woodcutter’s Art, Deep Drilling, finishing, building a Wooden Motorized Platform 

7 Building a Metal Platform 45
 Metal stocks, Working with Metal, Build the Scooterbot 

8 Converting Toys into Working Robots 52
 Erector Set, Robotix, Other Toys

9 All About Batteries 58
 Types of Batteries, Battery Ratings, Increasing Battery Ratings, Battery Recharging
Ni-cad Disadvantages, Battery Care, Power Distribution, IC Voltage Doublers and Inverters, Battery Monitors

10 Build an Experimenter’s Power Supply 74
 Single Voltage Power Supply, Multi-Voltage Power Supply, Safety Precautions

11 Build a Battery Recharger 79
 About Battery Recharge Rates, A Simple Approach, Building the Charger, Calibrating the Circuit 

12 Choosing the Right Motor for the Job 83
 AC or DC? Continuous or Stepping, Motor Specifications, Gears and Gear Reduction, Mounting the Motor, Connecting to the Shaft

13 Robot Locomotion with DC Motors 94
 Fundamentals, Direction Control, Motor Speed control, Measuring Distance of Travel

14 Robot Locomotion with Stepper Motors 111
 Inside a Stepper Motor, Design Considerations of Stepper Motors, Controlling a Stepper Motor, Using the CY500 Intelligent Controller, Buying and Testing a Stepper Motor

15 Build a Roverbot 126
 Building the Base, Motors, Support Casters, Batteries, Riser Frame, Street Test

16 Build a Six Legged Walking Robot 133
 Frame, Legs, Motors, Batteries, Testing and Alignment 

17 Advanced Locomotion Systems 147
 Tracks O’My Robot, Steering Wheel Systems, Six Wheeled Robot Cart, Tri Star Wheels

18 An Overview of Arm Systems 153
 The Human Arm, Arm Types, Activation Techniques 

19 Build a Revolute coordinate Arm 156
Design Overview, Shoulder Joint and Upper Arm, Elbow and Forearm, Refinements, Position Control

20 Build a Polar Coordinate Arm 166
 Design overview, Shoulder Joint and Upper Arm, Elbow and Forearm, Refinements, Position Control

21 Experimenting with Gripper Designs 175
 The clapper, Two Pincher Gripper, Flexible Finger Grippers, Wrist Rotation

22 Adding the Sense of Touch 185
 Optical Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Sound Sensors

23 Adding a Mouth to your Robot 193
 The Fundamentals of Speech, Building the Speech Synthesizer, Operating the Board, In Case of Problems

24 Build a Music and Sound Effects Generator 201
 Music Maker, Warbling Siren, Using the SPO256 Voice Chip for Sound Effects, Recorded Sound, Sound Control, Amplifier

25 Sound Detection 210
 Microphone, Amplifier Input Stage, Timer Trigger, Tone Decoding Detection

26 Robotic Eye 215
 One-cell Cyclops, Multiple-Cell Light Sensors

27 Fire Detection Systems 219
 Flame Detection, Smoke Detection, Heat Sensing, Fire Fighting

28 Collision Avoidance and Detection 224
 Collision Detection, Collision Avoidance  

29 Navigating Through Space 233
 Line Tracing, Wire Tracing, Ultrasonic Distance Measurement, Infrared Beacon, Player robot

30 Remote Control systems 255
 Infrared Pushbutton Remote Control, Wireless Joystick, Radio Control Systems, Data Transmission

31 Computer Control Via Printer Port 276
 The fundamental Approach, Experimenter’s Interface, Using the Port to operate a Robot, Other software approaches

32 Build a Robot Interface Card 285
 The IBM System Bus, building the Interface, Using the interface

33 Adding an On-Board computer 302
 But First..., The Contenders, Other Computers for Robot Control