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  Parts Suppliers

This is a list of local places to find motors, electronic devices, and etc. Some suppliers may require you to buy in bulk, or will not have accurate stock lists because they deal in used parts. You won't pay duty, and you can get the goods right away.

Browse the suppliers in these categories:

  • Retail - like Radio Shack; can be expensive, but will have parts locally
  • Surplus - like Princess Auto; cheap, but hard to find exact parts
  • Mail Order & Web Stores - like DigiKey; medium-cost, can take up to a week to ship

Ottawa-Area Retail Parts Suppliers

Reset Electronics - electronics & wiring
bought most of the Wackid's component stock when they folded
1050 Baxter Rd., Unit 10, Ottawa, ON, Tel: (613)596-5544

ADD Electronics Inc. - home/car audio, semiconductors & components
233 Armstrong Ave., Ottawa, ON, Tel: (613)729-2331

Gervais Electronics - electronic components
1 - 716 Industrial Ave., Ottawa, ON, Tel: (613)738-3101

Grant Electric Ottawa - motors, gears, etc.
not sure if they have small-scale motors
401 Preston St., Ottawa, ON, K1S 4N1

Radio Shack - electronic components, everything else
Everywhere. Honest.

Ontario Surplus Parts Suppliers

Princess Auto - motors, gears, farm & shop stuff
free catalog available from the website or store
2267 Gladwin Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K1B 4K9

W.J. Ford Surplus Enterprises - surplus - tx, rx, test equipment, lab equipment
21 Market St. N., Smith's Falls, ON. K7A 4T6

Electronic Surplus Industries - lots of misc surplus
no webpage
unpredictable hours, call in advance
1191 Lawrence Ave W., Toronto, ON, Tel: (416)787-1837

Forest City Surplus Ltd. - 7000+ items, all surplus
no webpage
1712 Dundas St. E., London, ON, N5W 3E1, Tel/Fax: 519-451-0246

Globe Electronics - surplus radio/military stuff
3585 Keele Steet, Downsview, ON, Tel: (416)631-7770

Toronto Surplus & Scientific - surplus electronics and radios
no webpage
608 Gordon Baker Road, Willowdale, ON, M2H 3B4, Tel: (416)490-8865

Mail-Order & Web Parts Suppliers

DigiKey Canada - electronic components
701 Brooks Avenue South. Thief River Falls, MN, 56701

Laipac Technology Inc. - holtek components
Canadian distributers for Holtek ICs
105 West Beaver Creek Rd. Unit 207, Richmond Hill, ON, (905)762-1228

Quality Electronic Kits - kits and electronic projects
Lots of electronics experiments and ideas, good for sensors
49 McMichael St., Kingston, ON, (613)544-6333

Aerosystems International - parallax basic stamps & scott edwards electronics
3538 Ashby, St-Laurent, QC, H4R 2C1

HVW Technologies - microcontrollers, robotics and accessories
Suite 473, 300-8120 Beddington Blvd., N.W., Calgary, AB, T3K 2A8

CANtronics - microprocessors and robotics
May be going out of business
Suite 233, 440-10816 Macleod Trail S., Calgary, AB, T2J 5N8

Mouser Electronics - robotics, electronics, kits, etc.
958 North Main Street, Mansfield, Texas, 76063

Acroname Inc. - robotics, sensors, kits, etc.
5621 Arapahoe Rd., Boulder, CO, 80303

Scott Edwards Electronics - servo control and LCD drivers
1939 S. Frontage Rd., Sierra Vista, AZ USA

Wirz Electronics - microprocessors and robotics control kits
Wirz Electronics, P.O. Box 457, Littleton, MA, 01460-0457

Tower Hobbies - remote control vehicles & assorted parts
Tower Hobbies, PO Box 9078, Champaign, IL, 61824-9078

Jameco - parts, components, kits, semiconductors, etc.
Tel: (800)831-4242

Herbach and Rademan - surplus motors and mechanical parts
Tel: (800)848-8001

All Electronics - electronic odds and ends, good catalog
Tel: (800)826-5432

Small Parts - rod, bar, sheet, tube, screw, fasteners, other small parts
Tel: (800)220-4242

Alltronics - variety of electronic parts
Tel: (408)943-9773

Robot Books - robot kits, robotics parts, etc
Robot Books

Tech America - good selection of electronic parts, tools, and kits
Tel: (800)442-7221

Electronics Goldmine - small catalog of odds & ends, quick stock
Tel: (800)445-0697


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